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farmers sport meeting AHC 2061 & 2359 naniwa area village

, at ACSEN Agriscience, deliver transformational farming solutions that ensure a stable supply of safe, nutritious, and affordable food. We have a track record of developing and producing seed varieties with traits that uplift and empower farmers. This gives us the confidence to continue to transform and innovate at a pace and scale, while always focusing on our core beliefs.

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Our Supply Chain team is equipped with experienced agronomists and crop specialists with 20+ years of expertise and skill to solve the production challenges we face in the world today. They push the limits of our R&D and Product Development teams, driving their ideas, insights, and innovations on the ground. This team ensures that we produce, process, package, and dispatch the required seeds within our quality standards to aid our farmers in earning more profit per acre.Read more >>QualityAt ACSEN Agriscience, we aim to provide the finest quality of seeds through which our farmers can earn more Profit per acre. In our Quality department, we monitor, evaluate and ensure that the quality of every seed that goes into the market is as per company standards and policies. Our Quality Control personnel, with national and international exposure, conduct Production Field Inspections, verify Physical & Physiological Quality, Germination, Vigor, Genetic Purity, and Seed Health to ensure quality standards of all ACSEN Agriscience produced or purchased seeds. To enhance seed quality with the help of different seed treatments and improved seed processing procedures, we have standardised testing procedures and seed enhancement protocols like coating, pelleting, and priming.Our Quality Department also coordinates with R&D, Product Development, Processing, Logistic and Production departments to monitor and improve the quality of seed that is produced or maintained in inventory.With our world-class seed Quality Testing labs at Gurugram and Bengaluru, we assure all Quality parameters of seeds produced. Our labs are members of the International Seed Testing Association

MarketingAs a farmer-centric brand, the truest measure of us, as ACSEN Agriscience, is the change we cultivate and impact in their everyday world. What truly distinguishes us is how we, through our Sales & Marketing team, help smallholders with access to seeds and proactively meet farmers needs with a diverse portfolio of crops.We believe that we are only as good as the change we cultivate and the change we provide. This resides in our Sales & Marketing team’s ability to translate our company’s vision into actionable results that earn farmer trust. Our Sales & Marketing Team continually audit our distribution network to prevent the sale of expired seeds. We hand power back to the farmers, offering them extensive seed traceability and feedback mechanism.Our team works closely with farmers on the ground to help them meet current and future challenges with our products while better positioning our vision and mission on a global scale. Through their efforts, our seeds now cover a million acres of farmland in India and are exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Oman and Maldives.Rural women play a crucial role in ensuring increasing agricultural production. As part of Sales & Marketing demonstration strategies, we work on capacity building of smallholder women farmers by extenst

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